Dom’s recipe for cleansing the digestive tract and feeling Fabulous for summer

Simple Recipe to cleanse your digestive tract, rid your body of parasites and get rid of excess belly toxicity. 

I want to share with you a simple way that you can get rid of putrid built up toxins, parasites and old latent viruses and pathogens from your digestive tract, liver and gall bladder .

This is a great little cleanse you can do between now and christmas as the weather warms up and we want to be lighter and clear of toxins for summer


So, think about your digestive tract. Here it is .. nine or so metres of tubes that require cleansing and clearing out on a regular basis. And, realistically even the most healthy , trim and fit person has some accumulations in there somewhere. Little pockets of toxic waste that needs to be removed.

Here is my simple at home process that will help you. You can do this for a day, a week, a month. It doesn’t really matter how long you do it for, every bit helps. Best results are achieved by following this little regime for one to three weeks.

1. Eat foods that are fresh, nutritious and easily assimilated in the body. Make Breakfast pure fruits, in either juices, or fresh fruits.

2. Drink 200ml of water every hour of the day when you are awake mixed with my detox formula.

3. Eat raw salads for lunch with some protein. Only 100 grams of protein per 50 kilos of body weight maximum.

4. Exercise every day where you twist the body and stretch the body. Do your yoga, go for a long walk, dance, do whatever you need to do that creates flexibility in movement and body torso twisting.

5. Eat a very light Dinner,  vegetable soup that you make yourself.

Every day you do this , you will be eliminating built up toxins and also nourishing your body so that you have sustained energy.

Here is my herbal formula recipe

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend together.

Three  lemons, skin , and fruit

Add 3 cloves of garlic

1 chilli

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

1 tablespoon ginger powder

1 tablespoon honey

Once you have blended all of this together add 50ml of Herbal Detox blend which contains dandelion root, milk thistle, black walnut hulls, globe artichoke and peppermint organic herbal extractions.

Add 10ml of this mixture to every 200ml of water that you drink at least eight times during the day. This will be 80ml of the mixture you have added to 1.6 litres of water or 100ml of mixture to 2 litres of water.( if you want to make it up in big container)

Now, you will be really be getting down to the business of cleansing the excess toxins from your body and you will still have loads of energy and feel fabulous.

Good luck. Call me if you have not got the herbal detox blend at home and we can post you some. That recipe will last two days for quantity. . Keep it in fridge.

With love Dom xoxo Medicineroom website where you can read my blogs, see my work and email me





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