Series One Kundalini Yoga Love Feb 6th Till March 6th. Sunshine Coast


Hello. ( Sat Nam)  I have completed my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training and have organised for series one. A six week block of classes every Thursday Morning at 9am till 10.30 am at The gorgeous Mapleton Hall ( 31 Obi Obi Rd Mapleton) . The dates are Feb 6th till March 6th.  Each class will consist of a warm up session, The daily Kriya which is the set of yoga exercises for flexability and health, followed by a meditation and a deep relaxation. In Kundalini yoga we work on the Chakra system and its a wonderful wild ride through your own self. Its a practice from within and we often practice with our eyes closed.

This is an ancient form of yoga that was introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan in the late 1960’s. I teach to Yogi Bhajans strict regimes and my personal teachers are Guru Dass Khashla, Sat Siri and Lee Hardisty. I am inspired by Gurumukh Kaur Khashla who I credit my interest in Kundalini yoga to after reading her book THE EIGHT HUMAN TALENTS years ago. I was also influenced by Yogi Bhajan when I was in my early 20’s in New Zealand and started attending Rebirthing classes and sessions. I have always kept these up and find it an incredible way to heal myself and move through difficult times.

I stated practicing Kundalini yoga when Lee moved up here to Mapleton and started his classes on a Sunday in The Mapleton Hall. Lee is also an amazing Musician and uses live music in his classes as does Guru Dass. I am not a musician and so I follow the lead of Sat Siri and Gurumukh who play recorded music in classes. Lee will be at some classes to play music and we will have other traveling  Kundalini musicians play when they are in class. Every class has music. Its fun.

Payment is by Donation. YOU can pay what you can afford or choose to pay in either goods you make, garden produce, what you grow, what you love, craftwork, gifts, sweet surprises or money in any currency. These classes are not free, they are by your gifting to me as the teacher and I gift to you the experience of the class. Whatever you want to give will be gratefully received. Its about the exchange. Thats what I like.



Here I am in this picture at my exam. We had a practical exam and I loved teaching. It was loads of fun.

Yogi Bhajan said” You don’t come to Kundalini yoga to get anything, YOu come to loose everything” and thats so true. We all drop out hang ups and our neurosis. We exercise, chant and meditate. Its wonderful, its noisy, its transcending for me personally. and I just love my yoga. Its physically challenging and mentally relaxing. I practice daily at home and love it. Our classes will help you develop a stronger home based practice. As this is traditionally known as a house holders yoga. Its yoga for everyone!

Please come to the Mapleton Hall ready to start at 9am on the 6th Feb. and weekly after that same time, same place. We do not take bookings, theres room for everyone. Bring your donation and only children over the age of 13 are able to attend these adult classes.  Come one week or come every week. I will alert you to any changes on my monthly schedule located on the index page of The Medicineroom web site for monthly schedule.

If you want more details then call me 0409 765033 

or visit our facebook page for yoga. Dom’s facebook page for KundaliniYoga LOve

Here is clip of a typical Kundalini yoga class at The Woodford Folk festival last year where I was helping Lee teach with Sunne. The classes at Mapleton will be in the same style, however we won’t be having the full band at every class. Kundalini yoga at Woodford Folk Festival with Lee and Dom and Sunne


Here is a picture of me with Guru Dass one of my teachers. he is an amazing Musician and we will be using some of his recoded music in class for meditations.  Meditations in Kundalini yoga rea lots of fun, we often chant and have specific mudras ( hand/ arm positions) to help us benefit from the meditation.

We will be focusing on health in every class. The first six weeks we will take you through a beautiful journey of basic introductory Kundalini yoga and each week we will address specific health benefits of the classes. This is pleasure to be able to offer these classes. With my background in health advocacy, naturopathy, nutrition and herbalism its going to be a wonderful weekly class. Bring your family and friends.

BYO matt, Water and a Blanket if you want to get snuggly warm for meditation. Wear comfortable clothes. I will be wearing white which is our kundalini tradition and I will have my head covered because it helps with personal energy. Bare feet! Smiles welcomed! 

Sat Nam and with love as always