HONEY…. Honey…. Today its garlic honey….

So, whats our favorite food. HONEY… Honey.….

When we make our certified Organic Garlic extract that is used in so many wonderful medicinal blends, we extract the garlic and the pulp at the end is still raw and tastes amazing. To ensure that we have kept the qualities of the herbal extract with the added taste and benefit of the actual garlic bulbs, we have marinated it in some fresh local organic honey…. and today was magical.. We mixed it all together and poured into some littel 250ml jars for you to try.

This limited edition garlic honey. Its a wonderful life as a herbalist, always make potions and lotions and developing healthy herbal options. We often have various honeys and they can be preordered if you like. We sell them for $8.50 each and we make the following

Panax ginseng, Bilberry, Cranberry, Turmeric, Ginger, Chilli, and Garlic.


These are only available when we have them fresh and usually in very small batches. Ie today we only have 20 jars. So, if you want one please come and see me at Saturdays Eumundi Markets or add one to your herbal medicine order.

Herbal Honey is delicious and so versatile in cooking. This is the pic we took of the garlic honey a minute ago.

How I use this honey

1. On a cheese platter with some delish cheeses, fruits, and breads


2. Add a dollop to Herbal teas,

3. Add a dollop to your salads,

4. Add a dollop on a spoon and just eat it, seriously its that good.

5. Marinate some tofu in the honey and bake in the oven with a splash of oil.

6. Add a spoonful to yoghurt and cream to make a super delish garlicy sauce to have with your meals.

7. Boil a couple of sliced onions in stock and add a huge dollop of this to make the worlds easiest and yummiest French onion soup.

8. Add to your detox regime and enjoy the process even more. To juices, to raw vegetables and to steamed and cooked vegetables.

There is a recipe for Herbal Honey in my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE available on our web site buy my books from the web site


Garlic is so healthy for your whole body and honey is  the food of the Gods. I use honey instead of other sweeteners in all of my cooking and herbal recipes.

The way to make a herbal honey is to simply fill a jar up with a raw, fresh or dried herb and then top it up with honey. Its that simple. Yes, that simply delicious. However at the herbal dispensary we have the advantage of manufacturing the raw herbs into herbal extracts and the  honey we add to these makes a beautiful product that we love eating.

Enjoy and let me know if you want any of these honeys.

email me, as they are a special blend and are for sale until all sold.

Sat Nam and Blessings to you

with Love Dom xoxoo

Dominique Finney