Wishing you Wellness Every Day! January the time to release and cleanse.

Wishing you a Wellness Day, Every Day! 

Creating Wellness is a priority for all of us. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, it doesn’t matter whats going on in your world. What truly matters is that you have a body optimally functioning and able to work beautifully for you today and in the future.

This is why we need to give our body a regular rest from toxins, foods and stress. This is called a cleanse and if you make time two or three times a year to really focus on releasing the old and out dated patterns and habits, then you will be able to move into your true self in a deeper way and feel comfortable in who you are and in the directions you chose to follow.


For me its about cellular energy and cellular health. If I have good cellular vibrations then my whole body feels good and I am able to tune into the energy around me in a positive and fulfilling  way.

This is important when you have relationships with anyone, and everyone! Think about it. If you are feeling sluggish and toxic, then you will be holding this energy in your whole being That is every cell in your body will be vibrating to this rhythm and thats what you become. However if your energy is clear, clean and uncongested. Then thats what you will be feeling and contributing to the environment around you. We all know that it feels really good when you spend time with some people and you feel uplifted. You may find yourself using avoidance and escape strategies when you are around people who are heavy with toxins and congestion in their bodies. Or maybe you are just avoiding yourself!

To have a detox plan is to open yourself up to the options around you. To open every part of you to change and to view everything in fresh light.

Get with it Today and create the energy you want to share 

I can’t say it enough, and you know I always say this…. well if you have been following my work over the last twenty years you know that I think we all need to detox on a regular basis and do whatever style of detoxing feels the best for you at the time. Its totally acceptable to follow your own plan, to follow your own intuition and to say yes to personal empowerment as your detox philosophy. Change your mind ten times a day, change your diet ten times a day. Thats perfectly fine. Just do the best you can at any given moment and remember that the purpose of a detox is not only about your body and the physical benefits. It really is to align you with your truth and your personal self in ways that can only be realised with clarity and purpose.

Cleansing brings you personal peace and allows you to think differently and respond in new ways

Today I am advocating a really good deep cellular summer detox that will send your body into a gorgeous rest mode after three or four days, and get into the inner workings of each and every cell in your body pulling out toxins, heavy metals, deep seated programming and all that junk.  This detox will also inspire you to clean up your external environment and look at yourself and where you are right now! What better time to do this than today.


I have no idea how long you want to do this detox for. One day? One week? One month. But I do know that once those herbal medicines get into the cells, there will be a cleansing and strengthening occur that can be described as complete and beautiful. The mental cyber junk will be released along with the physical toxins and the emotional and etherical  body will feel lighter and more willing to feel blissful and whole. Its all about letting go of what no longer serves you and here is how we do it.

Have you got a copy of my book THE WELLNESS ZONE ? In there we have over 70 page sof detox strategies, so I will no reinvent words here, and assume that you are a seasoned detox person who knows to create your own style of detoxing according t the shifting internal and external environments.

You can get copies of my books on my web site Medicineroom web site to purchase my books 

THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE BOOK is also a wealth if detox information as we go into the evidence base of over 200 fruits vegetables and herbs and how they can help you therapeutically.

However today for our detox, without too much information you will be aiming to work your way through from the digestive track build ups, into the blood, to the liver and organs and of course every cell in the body.  We are going to strip the cells of debris and release and cleanse everything that is potentially toxic and limiting to our optimal wellness.

1.  EMERSE YOURSELF IN WATER  AND YOGA have a shower, go for a swim, have a bath, drink pure water. This is the most important part of this detox process. All the time, either be drinking water, or thinking about water, or soaking your body in water. Hot water, cold water, make it clean fresh water. Ocean water, river water, local water. Water. Water moves everything through us with a special power that is unlike any other. It is the most fast way to change your energy and it always leaves a freshness in its wake. So, thats the best tip for the detox. Here in Australia its high summer, so its hot. And, detoxing in the heat means you can never have too much water. Its the mover and shaker of any summer cleanse and the element that allows you to release and cleanse the fastest. Drink lots of water and urinate lots. That urine is carrying out all sorts of old habits, poisons, and old old energy patterns. Let then all flow and go!

And Yoga, yes yoga. try it. What can I say! I love my yoga. Its a practice that has changed my life and helped build the bridge between my actual and ideal selves. I am where I want to be within me! Sat Nam, Yoga…. yes..

2. LIGHT DIET IF AT ALL, FAST IF YOU WANT, Juice it up, fruit cleanse, raw salads, raw foods, warm cooked brown rice, cleansing foods. You can follow any of my dietary recommendations from THE WELLNESS ZONE.  For me its fasting on water and coconut water for a few days  then some intermittent juices and some essential fatty acids mixed with protein and raw salads to help get the process really moving. in a sustainable way.  However its all your choice and I would say that eating the minimum and making everything you eat an absolute nutritional super food is the plan here.

Some ideas are stick with your favorite fruits for the whole day. Make juices, We all know my favorite is a kilo of carrots juiced with one lemon and a big knob of ginger. Yumm. How good is that for the liver? Then we can make some raw soups, some vegetable soups, some nurturing brown rice and lentil dishes, some pure vegetable and fruit based dietary choices. Call me if you want to discuss this. Now is a great time for a coconut water fast, or what about fresh pure 100% summer fruit juices, we are in Mango heaven here at the moment, not to mention those Tasmanian cherries and those crispy south Island apples. yummm.

Every day is different. You can’t be too fixed on a plan. You need to be intuitive and feel where your body guides you here with foods and fasting techniques. Also please talk with me or your health care professional if you want help with contraindications, dietary guidelines or illness management. Its not the same for everyone, and we are all where we are as individuals. Not everyone has been fasting for thirty years like me on pure water for days on end, and not everyone likes a diet of brown rice and mono juices! Make it work for you. This detox might last a week, or two weeks or a month. I never know when I start. Usually I aim for 23 days and then decide. But that would involve three days of water fasting at regular intervals with juice days and raw vegetable days scattered through the process. I also add in protein days and extra doses of specific herbs to achieve specific results. We can tailor you a plan too if you want. Please ask me.

3. HERBAL MEDICINES TO TARGET YOUR NEEDS. In this case, its hot, summer and we want to get rid of inflammation, parasites, whole body toxins and rejuvenate cellular energy. I am so happy to make you your own personal formula. Call me 07 54457381 on the landline between Tuesday and Friday. Or call into Eumundi Markets tomorrow or Saturday and I will formulate for you. The blend we are taking here is aniseed, milk thistle, garlic, black walnuts, turmeric and chinese wormwood. Yes, we have all the bases covered, cellular parasites, liver protection, blood cleansing, antiinflammatory and cellular regeneration. Its all about what you need. It tastes fairly herby, but hey, once we drink all that water it becomes a perfect tool to intensify and accelerate the detox process.

4. SELF OBSERVATION IS THE BEST CLEANSER AND BODY HEALER , So lets observe the self. Watch your diet, watch your reactions, watch your neurosis and watch the places where you know you need the work. Write it down, sing it out, meditate, observe, watch yourself under the microscope of detoxing and learn and grow as you need to. Observe your relationship with foods, with emotions, with circumstances, with water, with energy, with thoughts, with everything. This is the part of the detox that interests me the most. The time to clear out my old cellular habits and just see where I go, see where my energy develops. Learn to develop a deeper relationship with my own energy and my energetic response to other energies around me.  OH, YES, AND THATS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. ENJOY!  Its amazing how all this self disciple with detoxing and self observation is the greatest tool to bring us personal peace and light. A healthier body and a new way of thinking.. Perfect really!

5 ENJOY THE PROCESS ITS A CELEBRATION OF YOU!  I want to share with you that in my life fasting, detoxing, cleansing and the process of these experiences have completely changed who I am and how I live. Through the course of time, I have undertaken these cleanses and experiences to help me with the challenges of life, to help me look at myself and to question what I am doing and where I am going. The process of water fasting which was influenced by Paul Bragg in the 1980’s when my first Son was a baby, really changed the way I think. It also changed the way I observe myself in daily life and it allowed me to explore other areas of alternative lifestyles that have led to where I am placed today. I am very grateful for this. And, if a cleanse can help you to release some old habit or pattern that then opens doors to newness for you, you are blessed, I am blessed, its wonderful, I wish you every success in your detox process and explorations of the self.

Love and Blessings from Dom xoxoox

Dominique Finney MHlth Prom, Bch Hlth Sc, ND, herbalist, nutirtionist, writer.

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