Develop your Wellness Philosophy. Its your key to optimal health

Are you in the Wellness Philosophy with your body? Or are you stuck in the old paradigm of the Sickness philosophy? 

Did you know that when you eat something,  think something or feel something , it may effect your cellular energy and influence genetics,  cellular structure, integrity and health. Its so important to be positive, grateful, appreciative and active in your development of a wellness philosophy.

If we understand the interplay between nutrients and genes we have unbelievable power in our hands. If we add the emotional and mental aspects to this, then we really can have control over our health and create optimal health. If you have a predisposition of a genetic condition then get onto it now! Use preventative strategies and make sure you know the family history, the vulnerabilities and research to create some solutions 

Do you have risk factors for illnesses that are genetic? Blood sugar and inflammation are the biggest risk factors that we deal with in the clinics. This syndrome of elevated blood sugar and elevated inflammation are very high risk factors for cancer to be developed and reoccur. THis includes chronic disease such as cardio vascular disease and obesity. These markers for blood sugar and inflammation are easily detected by blood tests. The body is very responsive to herbal and nutritional support. Chronic disease today is your key to illness for the future. Any sign that your body is uncomfortable, inflamed, sore, achy is a sign that you need to get it back in balance asap. and thats not so hard, especially with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. There is a relationship between nutritional science, genetic science and the energing energetic sciences, that are an intelligent design we will see a profound intelligence between these factors in the future of health care.

In the herbal dispensary we use many herbs to prevent and to help cure cancers and chronic disease. With cancer we work to support the body and to support this emotionally, physically and mentally. This is so important. These days there are so many ways that you can get information, and research because there are many ways. Chronic disease management is critical to stop the escalation into other illness. There tends to be a snow ball effect where once your body has submitted to one chronic disease then the markers that supported that illness are ready to support another illness. Were as when you are able to reduce these markers with your observation, vigilance and wellness philosophy in action, you will dramatically improve your health for all time.

Nutrient deficiencies are such a problem these days, foods are not fresh, they need to be locally grown, not travel a long way to get to us , and our body needs to have these nutrients to be healthy. Eat with consciousness.Eat well and keep your foods as fresh and as close to home as possible.

Food is your first medicine. Food has energy and the less processed your food is the healthier it is for you. Taking supplements is not the same. There is an imprinting of universal energy epigenomic printing in science is the same as this energy . There are so many things happening around the whole food and the wholeness of the experience that is fragile and information is imprinted in our food, water and all that you feel, see, do, consume, and experience. This all is such a contribution to your wellness philosophy.

Keep your diet high in nutrients and your life low in toxins. 

Body tissues are sensitive, you are delicate and if you need to stay nutritionally supported and emotionally balanced, with a great mindset to help you stay well , create optimal health and avoid cancer and chronic illness. develop a sensitive relationship  with your foods and nutrients. Take every mouthful of food in consciously and with love. This is feeding your body with love and good energy.

The days are over for passive health, it doesn’t just happen anymore. You now need to be active in your health care. You are assaulted from the environment constantly and its all potentially carcinogenic. We have to be defensive and prevention minded. We need to be vigilant and we need to have active nutritional defences in plac eto stay healthy and to get optimal wellness.

Have a sound basis for the diet, get rid of the bad stuff, sugar, preservatives, pro inflammatory trans fatty acids, artificial additives, dead foods, toxic foods and then look at what you can eat optimally to get well. Lets look at your diet. Read my books THE WELLNESS ZONE and THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE. You need to be proactive. Its no longer enough for you to sit back.

Breast Cancer seams to be on the incline, all cancers seam to be on the incline and that concerns me. There are things you can do to prevent these cancers. Nutrient deficiencies, There are toxins from cosmetics, personal care products, environmental toxins, emotional toxins and then you have a nutrient deficient body and the body is set up for cancer.

Health professionals need to work together and the allopathic community needs to acknowledge the links between food, nutritional profiling and health. We need to recognise as a society that the study of genetic factors and the marriage with this and nutritional medicines and mental and emotional profiles are so important to your health. Have an attitude of reverence and gratitude for the wholeness of nutritional and herbal medicines. I am happy to talk with you about any of this.

There are many people working together to profile a holistic nutritional light on cancer and chronic disease management and prevention. Its the future of medicine and health care and we can all participate by looking after ourselves and our loved ones with research, understanding and active action to help keep our wellness optimal. I think its so important to know there is a lot you can do to help your body be in a good position to prevent these illnesses.

Get slow in life, grow your food, eat local food, go slow in your life, don’t rush. Thats endemic too. Make time to be well. Make time to breathe and to acknowledge your wellness and your health celebrate that and celebrate your uniqueness. However do it with a wellness philosophy that you take from empirical and evidence based research, Guide yourself by experience, by what your family and friends have done and its worked, by what you intuitively feel. Don’t rely on all the high tech studies and modern pharmaceutical research and studies as the be all and end all to the solutions. Rely on traditional and cultural knowledge too, in fact use the old ways and observe what works. This is so important in your wellness philosophy.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

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Sat Nam, Blessings light and Love from Dom xoox

Dominique Finney

Master Public Health/ Health Prormotion. Bachelor Health Science Complementary Medicine. ND, herbalist, nutritionist writer.

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