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Here’s my take on global health and what I think can contribute to a solution… and we do need a solution.. we need more cultural and traditional plant based medicines, we need education for everyone on how to look after themselves and their communities, as well we need conscious proactive governments who are not sucked into advocacy and lobby that makes the rich richer and the people compromised with health care.. we need awareness and we need public health that is real public health from the ground up supporting everyone globally… Oh, and we need some love back in the trade of medicine… in the business of practitioner consultations and community needs to feel supported… Lets get that going… ??? enjoy my poem Dom xox 

Healings for Everyone

The aroma of a highland rose pulsating against the wind
A warm bowl of ginger and lentil soup, carrot juice or a dram of whiskey.
Hormonal and emotional support.
Meditating by the ocean, diving in its deep cool calm.
Sipping Lemon water, so cleansing on more levels than one.
Mind having its Healing place over matter
we can all be strong and thrive.

The needle that holds life
The emergency, another life saved.
Freshly picked comfrey tea from my organic garden.
The sages use sage.
Past regressions, opening doors, easing the pain that gently slips away.
Feeling the blissful moment, consciousness in transformation.
Channelling, breathing freely, we ritualise the oracles, toss the coins, the flick of a card.
We change patterns of our making, the concious decision to heal and to refresh our soul.
Visualisation of our beauty within.
Awareness is just awareness.

These things are all medicine.
The highest energy we can muster from above, coming down like a cascading sensation of completeness. Are we grounded?
We chant, meditate, rebirth, reiki and sling crystals across our beings.
All for healing .
We eat, drink and breathe our medicine.
Lighting a candle to the flame of gratefulness.
Yogic, tantric, meditative, art therapies, elevated and surreal.
The giving of our Doctor’s learnings, ritual is cultural.
The surgeons have their preciseness of skill. Trusting and complete.

Wherever it comes from? Herbalism, traditional cultural remedies, western biomedicines, chinese Traditional, ayurvedic, early vedic, siddha, reiki, yunani, crystal healing, spiritual, shamanism, homeopathy, orthodox, avatar, fox, a prescription from your trusted practitioner, or a pebble on the beach.
The aim is the same …
To cure
Or to circumvent the tragedy of dis-ease.
Healing our Earth and her sacred spirits.
Our Universe and all that resides under and around her umbrella.
Whatever your bent or belief.

In the name of survival, growth, understanding, personal indulgences or scientific advance.
We eat, drink and breathe our medicines.
Never before have we had so much access to knowledge and learning.
The secrets of the medics are freely available to all, for the asking.
The golden key has unlocked past exclusiveness creating a kaleidoscope of healings and medicines.
No more can we close our minds
Every way is a way.
Every Healing is a success.
Every Potion that cures is a medicine.

Isolated in the lab with billions of dollars in backing
Channelled in the snow capped caves of a rare and elusive mountain top
Or randomly mixed in the alchemist’s kitchen
Our medicines are evolving.

We can only be grateful that we have the resources available to gain the skills and healings we need.
Always the answer comes
Always at the right time and way.

The future of the medicines are exciting and frightening
Where does it lead us?
Do we allow the huge advances to work for us or against the good of everyone?
There are serious environmental and ethical conflicts.
Exploitations and abuses that cloud the Hippocratic Oath.
As individuals we can only be honest in our work , share the information we have and create good medicines.

I would love to see everyone work together for the common good.
For the alternative ways to blend harmoniously with the orthodox ways.
A professional respect created between the different beliefs
Educational, spiritual, physical and emotional status of practitioners
With the governing bodies recognising these differences
Allowing medicine and science to grow to its true potential.
Eliminating the greed and fulfilling the planets medical needs.
Together we grow.