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My recipe for stuffed pumpkin and garden expo info.

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This weekend the Medicineroom is heading to Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour. This event is a favourite on our Calendar each year. The Nambour Showgrounds are taken over by Gardeners  . The area is turned into a maze of green leaves and flowers. There are thousands …

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Antipasto, simple delicious nourishment!

Antipasto is such a great food. Its super versatile and really delicious. Its also one of the best warm detox foods you can have!  So if you want a winter cleanse.. this is the one.. The word Antipasto  is Italian and means to eat before the meal! Its also called antipasta and antipasti. All meaning the same …

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Mid winter…. finding your own clarity

Do you feel like something is finally being cleared? Like there is a certain cleansing and healing effect that comes with the depths and coldness of mid winter.? 

Thats great if you do, because that will give you more clarity and allow you to move forward in your life in all areas. This is the …

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Make your own delicious Chai…… simple and fun.

Did you know that Chai is the common word for tea…. yes, its just tea… any kind of tea really. You can add spices and its called chai, you can add milk and sugar and its called chai masala. These days you can add turmeric and its golden chai, add cacao and its cacao chai, …

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How to make my Golden Zing… Ginger Lemon Honey deliciousness!

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Its getting cold…. We were doing yoga on the beach  early this morning  with our wet suits on and a cold southerly wind keeping us alert! Woosh, we felt it… Then the sun came up and we were in the water, the sea temperature was warm and embodied …

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Dom’s aged Garlic Recipe for winter wellness from our workshop on Sunday.

We had so much fun on Sunday at Maleny. We had a wonderful long table wellness day and everyone enjoyed education and making potions for winter wellness at home. Thanks so much those who came and for those who couldn’t join us here is the recipe for aged garlic that we made.

This pic was …

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Make herbal medicines for wintertime wellness.

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The planting festival was so much fun. It was lovely to meet people who participated in the workshops we ran. I didn’t realise how much I loved sharing information and health care education until this weekend. It was great to make recipes, develop ideas, chat with you and connect about …

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Our Food Lotus system for your digestive wellness!


Hello my friends. Ok today I want you to meet my food lotus system. Its simple and doable and a great way to eat. I like to eat this way and it really helps my body stay healthy when I do.

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Immune boosting vegetable coconut soup

Hello and welcome to my blog, 

Today I want to share with you my recipe for a delicious warming soup.

Immune Boosting vegetable coconut soup 

What you need 

Your favourite soup pot.  I’m using a 8 litre pot for this ratio of ingredients.

Enough fresh raw vegetables to 3/4 fill the pot when they are …

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The benefits of understanding your body and herbal medicines!

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Summertime is clearly over, I love to  talk seasons with these newsletters, seasonal foods, medicines and lifestyle choices.  My work comes from many cultures and I have been privileged to be born with an inquiring mind, so I am always open to learning new ways to be whole and …

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