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Start now….. liver and blood cleanse time!

Yes, start now….  Spring  is here…. and its the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine… and staying in tune with what is good for us we need to remember that true health is following a preventative model. And to have true health we need to be aware of our bodies and what they require. …

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The low down on spring detox workshop.

Hello and welcome to my blog. 

Today I wanted to chat with you about our educational courses and ways that we can offer you information and help empower you in health care awareness.

I like education that is fun and keeps my attention focused on the topic at hand. I like education that is engaging …

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A dedication to our men! Be healthy and happy!

This is fathers day…. Its the one day of the year when we honour and celebrate our men for all they do and all they are! Its the day when dad gets breakfast in bed, extra hugs and time with his children and loved ones celebrating relationships, love and family.  Lets extend that a little …

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My three tips to energise and boost your body this week!


Mother Nature is our finest physician and theres no better time to let her do her wonderful work than now! 

Yes its almost springtime and so we have this last week of winter to boost our body and get it super strong and healthy so that we are in really good physical, mental …

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Focus on what you love… and love what you focus on!

Welcome to our latest blog…. Its really interesting how fast time flies when you are doing what you love…. I think its all about he focus… staying on track.. doing what you need to do and having a vision and a dream that you are loving make happen.

Thats how it feels in the …

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Body oil Exfoliation is super easy and healthy.

We had so much fun at our Long Table Wellness Day on Sunday. Lots of potion making and education. These days always include herbal teas, elixirs, medicines, lunch and workshops. Usually we start the day with finding out what the group wants from the experience. So our topic this week was making medicines for skin …

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It’s the last month of winter. Don’t get sick now…

Welcome to my blog today. Its been a busy few weeks as we attended the Queensland Garden Expo and then Splendour in the grass festival. Its interesting when I go out and talk with people at events and see what their health needs are and how we all address our wellness in different ways. here …

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My recipe for stuffed pumpkin and garden expo info.

Hello and welcome to my latest blog , newsletter.

This weekend the Medicineroom is heading to Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour. This event is a favourite on our Calendar each year. The Nambour Showgrounds are taken over by Gardeners  . The area is turned into a maze of green leaves and flowers. There are thousands …

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Antipasto, simple delicious nourishment!

Antipasto is such a great food. Its super versatile and really delicious. Its also one of the best warm detox foods you can have!  So if you want a winter cleanse.. this is the one.. The word Antipasto  is Italian and means to eat before the meal! Its also called antipasta and antipasti. All meaning the same …

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Mid winter…. finding your own clarity

Do you feel like something is finally being cleared? Like there is a certain cleansing and healing effect that comes with the depths and coldness of mid winter.? 

Thats great if you do, because that will give you more clarity and allow you to move forward in your life in all areas. This is the …

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