The Planting Festival this weekend.

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter blog, as you know we have been going to a lot of festivals over the last year. Its lovely when you manufacture such beautiful herbals to go out and offer our free clinics and herbal first aid service in these places. we have met so many wonderful people and assisted with keeping you well in these places.

We have been setting up out at Woodfordia for the last day to open this evening for you to enjoy our services. We have traditional medicineroom medicinal services going this weekend. This includes our free naturopathic clinics open from 5pm Friday evening and daily across the festival from 9am till about 10pm. You can call by for medicinal herbal elixirs, herbalist assistance and our divine and favourite herbal body products.

I’m really excited about this weekend. Saturday morning I will be at Eumundi markets and beautiful Darina my naturopath sister is open at the festival looking after us on Friday night and Saturday day time. I am presenting at the Grove venue Saturday at 4pm on herbal first aid at home. This topic will go into the simple foods that you may already have in your garden or kitchen shelf  There are so many curative and preventative medicines right at our finger tips and I will show you how to use them to help you stay well as preventatives, as well as how to use them for acute injuries.

Then on Sunday, I am presenting at 10.30am again in the Grove about prebiotics and how they can help you stay well. There are so many wonderful ways we can use herbs as immunity boosting tonics. Come and say hello at the stall. I will be there all Saturday evening and Sunday.

Eucalyptus balm we made this week for winter wellness

One of the greatest pleasures about being a herbalist is to make the herbal skin balms. before a festival we always step up on making enough for the event. This week has been no exception. Its Friday evening and we are in the dispensary making peppermint and chamomile skin balm for you…. So beautiful on your skin with the lushness of local Obi Obi Olive oil and local Kilcoy avocado oil…. we use organic chamomile flowers blended with organic peppermint leaf that is so aromatic And, of course we add therapeutic doses of essential oils.

Today Peppermint Balm is our favourite.

This balm is great for spinal alignment in body work. When massaged into the great letting go points across your front shoulders, then it completely relaxes the somatic nervous system and helps you stay relaxed. As we know all nerves travel through the spine at their energetic and physical core. So, massaging this oil across your back is incredible to help that energy pass through and work on the strong Yang bladder lines, resulting in a relaxed body and allowing space for small realignments to naturally occur. This balm is cooling for feet and increasing circulation through the whole body whilst relaxing your emotional body is a pretty good reason to try some.

Also this balm with the combination of peppermint and chamomile is great for headache and tension relief. A really great digestive balm when massaged through the hara which is located around your belly button in a circular radius up to the bottom ribs and low to the hip bones. If you feel any constipation, digestive disorders or pain in this area them our balm really helps.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the planting.

with love and blessings Dom. Here is our website details. xoox

Boost your immunity now for a healthy winter season

Hello and welcome to my latest blog/newsletter 

Over the past week we have set up some events and sent you out emails about these individually. This blog is practical information to help you boost your immunity in the next few months so that you are healthier for winter and less vulnerable to coughs, colds and flus. 

The best cure is prevention. 

We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…. so I want to share with you some really easy strategies that you can use today at home from your kitchen to help you stay well and reduce your risk factors for illnesses in the colder months.  Basically the fastest way to get sick is to become vulnerable physically, emotionally and mentally which will send automatic triggers to your immunity to kick in and protect you. So it makes sense to protect your body as a whole. That is the connection between our mind, our emotions and our body are super important.

Look after your physical body with good clean natural and unprocessed foods. The logical approach is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and clean proteins as your main diet. Reduce the processed foods and keep away from any artificial preservatives and additives. The simplest solution is to cook your own food at home as much as possible. When we prepare our own food we know the base ingredients and we also know where the food came from. We know that the food is cooked with the best we can get at the time. We also know that the person who cooked the food is healthy and this prevents the spread of local illnesses such as colds and flus in the cooler seasons.

Also add these ingredients to your food as often as possible…. 

  1. Garlic.… its the number one antimicrobial herb that works on killing any infections that are in the body as well as cleansing your blood and strengthening your whole system.  Its a fabulous cardiovascular tonic and the number one herb to add to any meal that is savoury. If you add chlorophyl to the garlic it will rid the garlic breathe that often comes with this food. Eating garlic fresh is easy, just slice it up and add to cooking.  You can add it to juices and salads raw too. Raw fresh local garlic is my favourite and I do avoid buying imported garlic as much as possible. Gardeners its almost time to plant yours for the season. Simply pop a small hole in the ground and add a clove of garlic, cover with soil and then look after by watering and fertilising through the winter and spring. Then on the longest day of he year its ready, dig up the garlic and you have your own organic garlic at home.
  2. Ginger.… Stimulates circulation, clears the body of poisons, works as a deep cleanser for all cellular activity and research is showing this herb to be a great anti cancer preventative…. Its a great antiinflammatory and a fabulous allergy relief herb that really works on the liver and clears out many old toxins whilst strengthening the body. Its really warming and great for mental function. Ginger can be grated into meals and can be used during cooking and also added afterwards.. We love hot ginger lemon honey drinks.. Simply take a bulb of ginger and grate into your tea pot, add a blob of honey and some fresh lemon. This is wonderful to clear the lymphatic system and decongest the whole respiratory tract.
  3. Turmeric, all those awesome antioxidants are really beneficial in the cooler season… warming and also great to kill pathogens of all sorts.. eat turmeric everyday and you will stay well. All of these foods I’m mentioning here are really great daily additions to your diet. Turmeric works on your mind and body detoxing the phase two pathway in the liver it removes long built up hormones and old medications plus helps your hormones be balanced with excess estrogens being deleted. Turmeric has so much great research in many health aspects.. pain relief, inflammation reducing and also super protective for the whole body.
  4. Chilli.. yes chilli is wonderful , in the digestive tract it will kill most viruses and bacterial infections within 24 hours of eating it. It gets down to the large intestine and kills off any festering pathogens that are waiting to grow and develop illness in your body.. Just a small amount of chilli added to meals will also boost your metabolism which helps your body rid itself of illnesses faster.
  5. Chamomile…. add chamomile tea to your daily regime especially at night so you can sleep well. Its also really antimicrobial and helps the respiratory tract reduce ailments.. great as a cough preventative too.

There are many herbs we use in the herbal dispensary in the form of medicine… Andrographis, echinacea, ganoderma mushroom, olive leaf, cats claw, astragalus, tulsi, elderberry, thyme, sage to name a few. We make some beautiful formulas for you to help you stay healthy. Please talk with us if you would like some assistance


There are loads of recipes in my books. THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE


The Wellness Zone is now out of print as we have sold out. You can get your own e version on our web site for free or by donation. Your choice. This book is 360 pages of awesome inforation about hoe to empower yourself to be well. I would love you to download it and enjoy this work. There is so much more information about garlic in there too and many recipes. 

Link to download of THE WELLNESS ZONE 2nd Edition.

Here are our upcoming events 


I will be presenting four times at Byron Spirit Festival from the 31st March till the 2nd April at our sponsored Food as Medicine Venue. Located right next to The Medicineroom stall. We will be open from 9am till 5pm daily and will provide our free naturopathic clinics there and our free herbal first aid service. Come and say hello.


Pain and inflammation workshop Weds April 26th 2017


The medicineroom stall will be operating with our free clinics and services.. we are also planning to take in the herbal elixir bar so we can make you nourishing and delicious herbal drinks, chai and golden milk. I will be holding some  wonderful  free workshops there too in THE GROVE venue. We will be open from 9am till 9pm daily… Come and say hello.

Nutritional Medicine for digestion workshop June 18th Maleny


May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

Blessings and have a great day


Each Weds afternoon at 4pm we meet at Maleny Yoga Centre ( located in the rainforest complex downstairs) for my class. $10 per person. No bookings needed. We will be there for all of March and April, May.

we have our online shop too.

Best wishes and with Love

Dominique LivKamal


Master Health Promotion

Award winning herbalist , naturopath and health advocate.

phone me 0409765033






HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN JAN 20th and 21st 2018 …. get involved today!

HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN JANUARY 20th & 21st, 2018. Maleny QLD. 

We are super excited to announce the dates for our weekend of High Vibes on the Mountain Saturday January 20th and Sunday January 21st in Maleny township. We are currently programming the event and I can assure you that we have some of Australias top wellness and health people coming to share their wisdoms with us. We will have two venues running across Saturday and Sunday daytime and on Saturday night we have Dance Dance Dance in the main venue. The full pass gives you access to the whole event and all programming schedule. It does not buy you food or drinks  at the events as this is an extra cost.  The early bird full pass is open until we announce full line up in June and then the pass will increase to $180. We will open single Day passes if there is availability closer to event.

Would you like to sponsor HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN? 

Please share this info with your friends and networks as we can do with your support on this inaugural event that is sponsored by us at the moment. We are also seeking sponsors and partners for the event if you are a business who would like to get involved in  “We are One” sponsorship $5000 ( one available)  “Divine Blessings” Sponsorship $2000 ( two available)  “Joy and Bliss” sponsorship $1000 ( three available)  “Love” sponsorships $500 (five available). “Happy to share” sponsorships $300 (ten available)We will promote you alongside our event and offer you some great value promotion and collaborations plus festival passes. This is great value and a way to share the love in our community together. Plus support our  event together. We advertise nationally through Australia so you will be boosted. We especially invite local businesses to come on board and work with us on this event.


Yes Programming for HIgh Vibes is currently taking place. We invite you to email us and submit your ideas and expression of interest. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me already. I can assure you this will be an awesome weekend of yoga, conscious dance and movement, health and wellness presentations and good vibe chanting, meditating and generally awesomeness.


We open the invitation to our past crews from events working with me to let us know if you want to come on board with this event and share the love….

please contact me directly via email or call 0409765033

Here is the ticketing link HIGH VIBES EARLY BIRD FULL PASS $150 buy now!

Here is facebook event page link Facebook event page link

Thank you so much, we really hope you can come on board with this event as a patron or sponsor or partner. We have opportunities available so that this collaboration works for us all.

Dominique Livkamal

Nutritional Medicine for Digestion workshop Sunday June 18th Maleny


Magic of Food as MedicineNUTRITIONAL MEDICINE FOR DIGESTION June 18th Maleny

This one day workshop with Dom is hands on with strategies both with bodywork and nutritional medicine that you have in your kitchen at home. Learn the processes of digestion and how your body responds to different foods and how you can optimalise your digestion. We do not advocate supplements and this workshop is all about what you can do at home with natural foods. Includes lunch and Doms digestive enzyme recipes. $80 per person.

Tickets online here


Pain and Inflammation workshop Weds April 26th Maleny


Herbal strategies for pain and inflammation care. 

This is such a popular day with Dom, Are you in pain? Do you have inflammation? Come and spend the day in our Maleny Herbal Dispensary with Dom and learn strategies for relief. $80 per person includes lunch.
Learn the triggers for pain that can be lessoned with Herbal medicnes
How to make delicious meals that help relieve pain and inflammation
How to prepare for sports and exercise to reduce inflammation
After sports pain and inflammation care using herbals.
Chronic pain management with herbal medicne and diet.
Kundalini yoga practices for pain and inflammation care.

Tickets available here

Pain and inflammation workshop Weds April 26th Maleny

The e Wellness Zone book download by donation

Hello and how are you?

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may want a copy of my book THE WELLNESS ZONE.

360 pages covering many aspects of wellness including many practical solutions to common ailments. The book also includes detailed sections on Detox therapies, energy healing and using your intuition for wellness.

We have sold out of hard copies of the Wellness Zone 2nd edition and do not plan a reprint.  That is thousands of copies of the first edition printed 2005 and then 5000 copies of the second edition published in 2008. ( The ebook is 2nd edition) So, from now on you are able to download your copy for donation.

The money from donations will go towards the free clinics and herbal first aid services we offer in  markets and festivals where we help people with basic first aid for cuts and bruises plus inflammation. This service has been running for many years and we love helping you… and also for surfers  first aid service globally in Sri Lanka and Jasri Bali where we help surfers in remote areas with topical injuries through compressions and herbal medicines to help stop injuries worsen and to reduce skin damage.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this ebook. Each donation is very much appreciated and we are happy to help you with herbal medicines as required.

With so much love and blessings

Dominique Livkamal

ph 0409765033

Available on our web site Medicineroom download and donation for Wellness Zone

Herbal Skin Care First Aid Day March 5th Maleny

Hello and how are you?

I’m excited to offer you this one day workshop.

Please buy tickets online or call us 0409765033.

MARCH 5th MALENY… Herbal Skin Care and First aid day $80 per person. 

Come and join us for a one day workshop on Herbal skin care and first aid. We operate our regular herbal first aid service in Festivals and events, plus our Surfers first aid service in Sri Lanka and soon in Bali. Learn all about natural skin care to keep your skin in optimal health and first aid at home with Dom’s simple strategies. We have incorporated skin and first aid together because this day is all about Topical skin care to help prevent skin illness and to help you use herbs and kitchen remedies for acute and chronic skin conditions. Whether its an injury or an ongoing condition we will show you how to relieve the condition and how to reduce skin damage, scarring and help you recover asap. $80 per person. Includes lunch and Dom will show you recipes for skin wellness. Book via phone or email to our dispensary. Limited numbers. These workshops are small and everyone gets the attention you need to help you meet your needs of the event.

Tickets here Purchase your ticket here $80 includes lunch xoox


With love Dominique


We are all on our own journey to wholeness, plus our latest schedule.

Hello and welcome to my latest Blog.

In this blog / newsletter I cover info on my journey, your wellness and also our latest schedule. Thanks for reading this and we welcome you to contact us as required for nutritional, naturopathic and herbal medicine support.

I’m so positive that this year is a time for us all to become consolidated in who we are and to do the internal work we need so that we are able to express ourselves in a positive and helpful way to others. There is so much information around about development and self empowerment. Its great that we can learn so much from these sources and I hope that this blog/ newsletter uplifts you and helps you in some way.

We meet so many beautiful people in our clinics and naturopatic consultations. It always inspires me how well everyone is doing in your lives and how we all can overcome adversity in our various ways.

Everyone I know faces adversity… and the sign of developing our character and our inner resilience is our ability to step one foot in front of the other and just get on  with it… Its one of the things I respect and love about everyone I meet.

It doesn’t matter who you are.. No one else will see whats going on unless you choose to share it. The people we admire and look to for advice are al the same as us.. we are all going through our stuff… our personal challenges.  Every day we all face something that may be challenging and offer us the opportunity to become the victim… or become the master of change…Its important that we take these moments and we think.. then we act and respond to the world in a solution based manner. That is to look at the issues at hand and to think ” How can I influence this in a way that will help everyone?”

Personally I have just come out of a really challenging phase in my personal life. I was married for 30 years and made the decision to leave that relationship because I felt that I had no choice. When I say that I mean to say that the marriage was not where I could see myself in the future. It was the hardest decision I have made in my life and I had to live with the consequences on many levels. Now I am at the tail end of that decision and in a new world where I am alone  and independent. Its really good for me. I am learning new ways to respond to situations and I am learning a lot about self love and development. I know that I need to keep on learning and growing and that I need to have respect, compassion and love for those in my family who travel on this journey. I also know that I made the right decision.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball at us and we need to make the tough decisions. I did that and know there are more to come… Its the same for all of us. Sometimes we just need to do that because if we don’t, then we will be always thinking about it and then we don’t act.. and if we don’t be true to ourselves, then we will miss what we need to do. Its called following our intuition and trusting in life and trusting in the fact that there is more unknown than that which we know. I hope that made sense to you. I guess I’m trying to encourage you to listen to your heart and be heart driven in your decisions. Just because something worked for you in the past does not mean it will be there in the future.. we all grow we all learn.

These decisions can be anything. We all travel our path. It may be work, home, relationship, lifestyle, addictions, education. Its when we have to step up and out of our current patterns and be open to new environments that will help us become our optimal selves and bridge that gap between our ideal self and our actual self. If you find yourself questioning your life in any way, then I recommend that you address it with help from friends, family and counsellors, mentors and people who are supporting you. But most of all. Its intuition that guides us and our trust and belief in the divine independent journey we are all to take. Make time for meditation, silence and reflection in your life so that you can discern the real changes you need to make from the illusions that may distract you from your journey to wholeness. Be brave in life.. and make decisions that benefit yourself and your loved ones for the highest good of all. That means being open and honest in communication and finding solutions to your issues. The sooner you face it with grace and compassion the sooner you will see the solutions… I wish you the best.

It all comes from the inside.. So its important that we find our daily ways to deal with our own minds and our lives. Personally I have my Kundalini yoga Sadhana each morning where I do my yoga Kriya and meditate with specific chants, mudras and meditations that were handed down by Yogi Bhajan to help release what no longer serves us and clear our energy and protect our energy. It makes me feel good. And thats what counts… You may walk, run, do yoga, meditate, surf, or reflect on your life in whatever way helps you. But whats most important here is that you do it.. that you make time for you and you make time to make the changes you need within so that life can flow for you in harmony and peace. Each us us need’s find our own way.. my way is not your way.. Please note that I am sharing my journey openly so that I can encourage you to do the same. Please contact me if you want to visit me on this topic.

On that topic of hard decisions and the fact that we all go through our own journey. I want to say that you need to keep your nervous system strong all the time. For me its the most important thing with any client I see. Anyone who has worked wth me in Herbal medicine knows that I believe we need to get rid of the fractures and weakness in our nervous system on a regular basis to develop resilience and increase our capacity for clarity and wellness. It doesn’t matter what the condition is you have with your body. You need a strong nervous system and a strong emotional body to cope. Please talk with me about herbal solutions.

The best herbs to help you strengthen your nervous system are hypericum, chamomile, valerian, tulsi, damiana, melissa, rhodiola, hops, and at the same time adrenal recovery herbs such as liquorice, ginseng, withania, asparagus and maca. We love formulating for you. So please chat with us. Its our core business to provide you with the best organic herbal formulations to help you on your lifes journey. You know we make them all here in our dispensary in Maleny which you are welcome to visit for a private consult with me.

Upcoming Events you may be interested in attending. 


Beautiful Tamara is at the tail end of her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and we are doing Clinic hours here. The cost is $25 per hour and Dom will be supervising. Make your booking with us. These clinics are all about your diet and your nutritional plan. Tam has been very well trained and now is ready to talk with you about this. We welcome any people who want to loose weight, who have chronic illness and who want some sound advice and willing to change your diet and choices of foods to develop optimal health. Herbal medicine will also be prescribed at an extra cost. To make your booking call us or email.

KUNDALINI YOGA  will be on this weds the 1st Feb 2017 and then off for a few weeks. We start again on 22nd Feb 2017. Please join us. No bookings needed. 

Kundalini yoga classes in Maleny are finished now for the year. We will be back at Maleny Yoga Centre 4pm Weds afternoons end 5.30pm. $10 per person. No bookings required please just come along any week that suits you. We will offer warm up, Kriya, meditation with mantra and mudra. These classes are based on relaxation  inner healing work with me on a Weds afternoon. I combine my knowledge of healing and wellness with yoga.  resumes on Weds January 18th. BYO water.


Dom is presenting at Earth Frequency Festival. The medicineroom stall will not be there this year due to our busy schedule. However on the 19th come and hear Dom present about Festival wellness and care. Before, during and after Festivals you need to take certain steps to help you stay well. Adrenal and nervous system care.  Dom presents about many aspects of Festivals and she has a huge bank of Knowledge. As a programmer of Woodford Folk festival and having operated free clinics and herbal first aid in many festivals for years Dom knows what you can experience in these events and offers simple strategies for your wellness.

MARCH 5th MALENY… Herbal Skin Care and First aid day 

Come and join us for a one day workshop on Herbal skin care and first aid. We operate our regular herbal first aid service in Festivals and events, plus our Surfers first aid service in Sri Lanka and soon in Bali. Learn all about natural skin care to keep your skin in optimal health and first aid at home with Dom’s simple strategies. We have incorporated skin and first aid together because this day is all about Topical skin care to help prevent skin illness and to help you use herbs and kitchen remedies for acute and chronic skin conditions. Whether its an injury or an ongoing condition we will show you how to relieve the condition and how to reduce skin damage, scarring and help you recover asap. $100 per person. Includes lunch and Dom will show you recipes for skin wellness. Book via phone or email to our dispensary. Limited numbers. These workshops are small and everyone gets the attention you need to help you meet your needs of the event.


We are Silver level sponsors at this event and will be running our free herbal clinics and first aid service again  Plus our divine Herbal elixir bar in the evenings. We are part of the new LIVKAMAL sponsored stage in the market area and many well known wellness professionals and health advocates will speak on this stage Saturday and Sunday. Dom will also present here and we know you will love this event. Come and join us.


We will be operating the medicneroom there with our free clinics, beautiful products and delicious herbal elixirs.  Dom will be presenting twice. There is a  free Herbal first aid demo for one hour and also a presentation on Immunity and boosting your health as we come into the cooler months.. We love this event and hope to see you there.


This is such a popular day with Dom, Are you in pain? Do you have inflammation? Come and spend the day in our Maleny Herbal Dispensary with Dom and learn strategies for relief. $100 per person includes lunch. Book through phone or email.


This one day workshop with Dom is hands on with strategies both with bodywork and nutritional medicine that you have in your kitchen at home. Learn the processes of digestion and how your body responds to different foods and how you can optimalise your digestion. We do not advocate supplements and this workshop is all about what you can do at home with natural foods. Includes lunch and Doms digestive enzyme recipes. $100 per person. Book via phone or email.

HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN  November 11th and 12th 2017  at Maleny Please sign up for our newsletters on this web site to get personal notifications for future events

Thanks for reading this and please come and see us at our free clinic at Eumundi Markets on Saturdays or join us at a festival, come to our workshops in Maleny and connect with us. Make a booking for your personal consult with me in Maleny which are on weekly.

we have our online shop too.

Best wishes and with Love

Sat Nam

Dominique LivKamal



New Years Best Wishes to You! Come to Sri Lanka with me in Feb my friends for a journey of food and wellness

Hello and happy new years blessings and manifestations of wellness and beauty in your lives! 

What a beautiful life we live! We are so blessed to be in Australia. I am always grateful for the beauty and political safety we have here. The Woodford Folk Festival just finished and we are home now preparing for the market tomorrow at Eumundi. The weather over the festival stayed sultry, hot and fairly dry… Then the rain came after we arrived home in Maleny and its just beautiful. Grey skies and intermittent rain all day. Great for relaxing and also great for getting the herbals organised again.

We operated The Medicineroom in The Blue Lotus precinct and it was our forth pilot of the Herbal Elixir Bar and its getting better and more refined. If you visited us there please email me and give me your feedback on where you think we can develop the medicneroom’s presentation and services in the Festival. I like to constantly refine, so please let us know your views.

The Folk Medicine Program across the Festival was supported by some of the best Australian and International presenters in wellness and health care. Each year the program becomes more niche with our demographic and once again we did some amazing yoga sessions, listened to emerging nutritional and medicinal trends, and we got to dance, and chant and sleep while doing yoga again! Thank you everyone who contributed to this collective vision of peace and high vibes!

Kevin James Carroll our beloved friend is coming over again on Feb 27th to Maleny for some singing with us! That will be fun. We are preselling tickets at $25 and they will be the same price at the door. We are in The Maleny Yoga Centre for the evening which is super comfy with carpets so please bring pillows and blankets if its a cool evening. Not sure whether we will have any tickets left for the door on the night so please buy online at my website and there is a facebook event up with ticketing link.. The last time I sang with Kev was at Byron Spirit Fest last year and it was so uplifting and beautiful… I encourage you to join us if you have been interested in Bhakti yoga, chanting and kirtan…. its awesome.

Come to Sri Lanka with me in Feb for 7 days of wellness and health!

Opening up this option for you. I have been working on a really beautiful project in Sri Lanka at Cocoplant Surf Inn where we developed the surf in Menu using local ingredients and a collaboration between Jamin Barson’s cooking skillls and mine. Including work from my book The Magic of Food as Medicine. We developed the summer menu in early December and I am going back in Feb. We are running an 7 day tour of the region taking you to Cinnamon Island, Ayurvedic herbal farms, 150 year old Organic tea plantation, Island Temple, wellness, treatments, yoga, surfing with two breaks within 50m of Cocoplant. Plus I will cook for you personally for the whole experience. Catering to your wellness needs using the local ingredients… let me know if you are interested limited places $1500au per person not including airfares, insurance, transfers, visas. Includes all meals,shared accomodation, body treatments, and therapies daily, workshops on wellness and cooking classes with me. Also includes Jamins awesome tours to Ayurvedic gardens, boat trip to temple Island. Cinnamon Island,daily Kundalini yoga, Free time for surfing, shopping and visiting places. From Feb 7th to 13th. With Dominique Livkamal and Jamin Barson. Email me for details and ticketing.


Yes we are a Silver Sponsor for the fabulous Byron Spirit Festival at the end of March. The Medicineroom will be operating our free herbal first aid service and clinics again as we love doing! We have been invited again to be the offical herbal services there, so come and see us. In teh evenings we will be running our Herbal Elixir Bar at the Evening Venue again. That was so much fun last year right? didn’t we love the alcohol free herbal alternative? Organic deliciousness. This time we will have the hot Lotus Chai and probably give you some Golden Zing with lemon, honey, turmeric, black pepper and ginger… Yumm. Please save this in your schedule. We are sponsoring our LIVKAMAL stage which will be small and have awesome wellness speakers giving you hints and tips on wellness at home…. my favorite topic, self empowerment of your own medicine…. we are our best doctors.

Love to you

Thats my blog/ newsletter for you for now.

Wishing you a really good year for 2017.

Dom xooxox

Dominique Livkamal MhlthProm, Bch Hlth Sc Comp med. ND, Adv Dip Nat, nut. Dip Journ.

Visit our wellness shop online. Free freight in Aussie.






Summertime Wellness plus Zen Thai student clinics open now. Kevin James Carroll visiting Maleny in January

Welcome to my latest newsletter/ blog. 

In Maleny its been hot and feels like summer already. We’ve had a few of those beautiful summertime afternoon storms this week and they are so refreshing. We send love to people in New Zealand in the Mainland who had that terrible sequence of earthquakes this week. we send love to all of you who are healing from pain and grief in life and wish our patents and friends speedy recovery from illness.

In this blog we have news of Kevin James Carroll visiting Maleny again in January. We share the details of the latest Zen Thai student clinics and have a few nice summer time recipes for refreshing stress relief and rejuvenation. We also have details of our summer schedule and wellness shop festive season offerings. Plus our current Kundalini yoga class details in Maleny. I hope you enjoy.

I trust you enjoyed the beautiful moon over the last few days… 

The vibration of the full moon is evident for three days before its peak and for three days after. This is a time when we can reflect on what needs healing in our lives and what we want to create for ourselves and the world around us. The moon this week has been so beautiful and powerful. Its a great time to reflect on your life and look forward into your future and decide what you want to develop further. Make a mental note to look after yourself and be positive in your thoughts. Create time each day to meditate and be still in your mind.. Take the thoughts that come in your meditations and let them pass through your mind like waves coming to the beach, coming in and going again.. thats what we can do with our thoughts, let them come and let them go.. watch them like the ocean and don’t hold onto them… they are passing.. be the observer in your mind… then take ideas and concepts that you know will serve your best interests and allow them to become something meaningful in your life… Let go of the fears, the illusions and the fantasies… develop the meaningful , doable and practical aspects of your thoughts into actions that will improve yourself and your world. This full moon is very much about that and about us developing understanding of what is for our highest good and what needs to be finally dropped and released into the abyss of the past… allowing us a brighter and more confident future.


Herbs are our first medicine. 

Taking a natural and positive approach to wellness can benefit us and those around us.. There are beautiful herbal medicines to help us feel better within and to allow us a deeper sense of positivity and stress relief. It gets busier as the festive season approaches and sometimes old feelings of anxiety and pressure emerge as we take on the extra work load needed for us to have some relaxation time with friends and family. One of the things about summer and festive activities is that we need to prepare gifts, foods and celebration events for everyone we love. We all want to have a joyous time over summer and to truly feel relaxed.

Taking nervine herbs can really help Simple herbal teas such as lemon balm. passion floweer, chamonile and damiana are great for your daily drinks. Making herbal teas and popping them in the fridge and drinking as cooling beverages is refreshing and calming. Simply make a pot of herbal tea, let it cool down and then filter into a jog and cool down. add some ice and a sprig of mint or basil when you serve these drinks for some easy relaxing medicine and a nice alcohol free drink to share with visitors and family.  Add some honey and lemon juice for extra antii inflammatory benefits

lemon and honey drink

Raw summertime vegetable soup 

We had our Pain and inflammation workshop here on the weekend. I made one of my delicious versions of Raw Summertime vegetable soup.

Simply take cucumber, tomato, red onion, basil, mint and lemon juice with a dash of salt and some spices of your choice and dice very finely. or run through the bullet. Place in a jar in the fridge and leave over night. Then serve chilled at lunch or dinner the next day. Its refreshing, delicious and goes down a treat. Read holistic Bliss magazine in Dec and Jan edition and my full version of tis recipe is in there, its a great festive season soup that is raw, fresh and hydrating with loads of health benefits.


Herbal formulas can help you stay stress free and reduce your risk factors for nervous system deterioration in this busy time of the year. Please chat with us about adrenal recovery, energy boosting formulas and sleep herbs. we offer these medicines to our patients with formulas individually made for your needs. we have both aqua ethanol versions and alcohol free options for the whole family. Taking preventative herbals can help you function better and feel better. Its a good plan… In ancient medical cultures the physician was paid to help the family stay well, its a great way to prevent illness taking your daily dose of non addictive, natural and beneficial herbals.. we are super happy to help you.

Zen thai student clinic on this week and places available. 

Gwyn Williams has completed another amazing year with his newest batch of Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioners and they are holding a student clinic on Thursdays. This week they have some rare vacancies. So if you are on the sunny coast please see the details below and make your booking. I completed this course two years ago and just love the practice. Its so healing and rejuvenating. This is based at Mt Ninderry on the Sunshine coast and easy access for everyone living in the area. Treat yourself to a healing treatment for relaxation before the craziness of the festive season starts.. You will feel so much better and these new graduates are fully trained now, so its a real treat for your mind and body. Please call Gwyn directly if you are free this Thursday to experience this wonderful therapy 0416746996. He has some vacancies and would love you to share the day with these new practitioners.



Come and visit us at our Maleny clinic for your personalised naturopathy session with me. we are open weekly and have appointments available for you if you want to connect with me and experience one of my sessions. We are at Eumundi Markets each Saturday.

The medicineroom will be closed for clinics, Eumundi markets free cliinics and postal services from December 22nd until January 10th. we will however be at Woodford Folk Festival offering our free clinics there daily from 7am till 11pm with our herbal elixir bar and lotus chai on offer. We are located near the Blue Lotus venue.

Kundalini yoga classes at Maleny yoga centre on Weds afternoons 4pm till 5.20pm for the next four weeks with me $10 per person. Please join us, no bookings needed and we go to a local restaurant for dinner afterwards together, you are welcome to join us. I am offering these classes until the 14th December as a refreshing way to get ready for the festive season and to calm our mind and body with the teachings of yogi Bhajan.

Our wellness shop is open for online orders of herbal skin balms and body products freight free for christmas festive joy. Please order soon so that we can get the products to you freight free in good time for gifts.




We are hosting Kevin James Carroll on January 27th here on the mountain for his chanting heartsong circle. We will let you know the location and ticketing soon. Save the date. This will be awesome again and we love it when Kev comes to town and shares his music with us all.

kevin James - Michael Julian Berz photography-0704


We love sharing our wellness and joy with you. Blessings to you for all you are and all that you can become. Be positive and look to the future with appreciation for the past, yes a definitive knowledge that we are here now, we are At-ha… that is the first yogic sutra from the ancient texts that means now.. now present in this moment. now is all we have . now is where we need to stay in awareness,keeping our hearts and minds aware and open, knowing that what has gone can not be relived and what is to come is unknown.. At- ah  now…. its beautiful… and a great way to live. Enjoying each moment for what it is.. accepting the circumstances in life and doing our best to make each moment as joyful and as vibrant as possible… Blessings to you and yours.


Have a great day and we wish you wellness.

with love

Dominique LivKamal

phone 0409765033. Open Tuesday to Saturday weekly.

visit our website for more details and thank you for reading my blog.



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