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The balms and nectar are all made from local and organic products, whereby the herbs have been specially extracted, in beautiful local Queensland avocado and olive oils. The balms are so pure that you could actually eat them, containing only the extracted herbal oils, beeswax and selected essential oils in a herbalist synergy of deliciousness and tradition. The Herbal Skin Balm selection is available at your local health food shop or pharmacy, they sell for $30.00 each. Wholesale enquiries are welcome.


Herbal Skin Balms & Nectar Available

(Calming and Relieving)

My balm of choice for unbroken skin that is recovering from exposure to the many elements. Great as a skin soothing agent for tired and overworked bodies, including after sport and when the skin feels inflamed. For me this is an awesome all-round skin soothing balm. Delicious with essential oil of lavender.

Arnica with Comfrey

(Warming and Relaxing)

Warming, soothing and comforting, this delicious skin relaxant can be used as a before and after sports rub, to relax and refresh your skin. Spicey aromas of black pepper and basil are divine in combination with these warming herbs. A favorite morning and evening skin rub for knees, shoulders, hip area and the spine.

Chilli with Hypericum Skin Balm

(Cooling and Refreshing)

Both soothing and cooling on the skin, this balm feels great on your chest as a rub in the winter before bed. Tired shoulders may be relieved by a massage with this beautiful combination, either feeling really warm or really cool on your weary skin. Feels great on the feet and smells awesome with essential oil of peppermint added for extra deliciousness.

Peppermint with Chamomile Skin Balm

(Softening and Soothing)

Babies, children, adults and the elderly can all benefit from this divine skin balm. It can help to relieve and soften dry and irritated skin, making it feel fresher and smoother. This balm may help to relieve uncomfortable, chapped skin and soothe itching whilst providing moisturising relief for the skin. The essential oil of mandarin really tops it off.

Calendula with Comfrey and Chickweed Skin Balm

(Moisturising and Protecting)

My favorite combination for a summer skin balm, this combination may relieve, hydrate and soothe skin that has become dry and chapped by the elements. May even be used to desensitize razor-burned skin and could help protect from unwanted attacks of flying night life. Essential oil of lemon myrtle makes this a delicious smelling balm, blended with herbs for extra relief.

Pawpaw with Olive Leaf Skin Balm

(Revitalising and Hydrating)

A favourite for the ladies, this balm can help to promote elasticity and suppleness for women’s skin. A beautiful all over night balm, rich and nourishing, wild yam is used specifically by ageing men and women to revitalize the appearance of skin and help to make it look and feel younger. With added Rose essential oil to make this balm special.

Wild Yam Skin Balm

(Reviving and Relieving)

Stimulating for circulation, wonderful as an anti-inflamatory and healing on skin infections, spots and sores. Ginger is such a diverse balm to help revive sore, aching muscles and joints. Great as a back rub for resting patients and also increases the circulation in feet. Migraine and headache relief and a digestive aid.

Ginger Skin Balm

(Soothing and Cooling)

Aloe vera with lemon balm to soothe sunburn, sores, skin irritations, rashes, babies and sensitive skin relief. Soothing, cooling and relaxing on all manner of skin ailments. Acne relief and deeply moisturising on tired and inflamed skin.

Aloe Vera Skin Balm


Rosehip is a premium herbal skin care favourite. This balm is combined with the soothing and relaxing benefits of ylang ylang and lime to help your skin feel fresh, soft and blissful. To be used all over the body and is particularly good as a facial rejuvenation balm for after outdoor exposure care and night luxury.



For the divine benefits of these herbs and oils, this combination is your perfect summer companion. Use any time of the day on legs, feet and arms, or all over your body. And for those balmy evenings, to help reduce nasty insect invasions and keep your skin well nourished and hydrated. Also good to aid skin repair and recovery.

Lemon Myrtle


Our blend of eucalyptus and tea tree, we have developed two of our favourite and traditionally healthy Australian native plants to bring you a divine balm for all the family. Beautiful for clear breathing, as a chest rub or all-over body balm and winter relief. Use on skin to help rejuvenate and aid skin repair and recovery.


(Enriching and Nourishing)

Chinese Wormwood, Calendula, Paw Paw, Wild Yam, Echinacea, Chamomile, Chickweed and Comfrey, blended with essential oils is so beautiful on your skin. Perfect for anyone as an all-over body treat,
including face and lips, a handy little first aid and aromatherapy boost. These herbs are delicious in every way!

Rich Herbal Skin Balm

125ml pump pack $35.00

The Rich Herbal Skin Balm is the ultimate in nourishment, antioxidants, herbs and luxurious facial treatments. This is a skin food like no other. Made with pure herbal extractions from organic products mixed with a quality vegetable based wax and two essential oils for relaxing and calming the skin, this product will help your skin feel fabulous. Apply night and morning as your special face treat! The product is so rich and nourishing, that you may have to add 50% water to the product if you find it’s too good. Now, that’s great value in more ways than one!

Rich Herbal Skin Nectar