Ultimate MedicineRoom Gift set . One of everything beautiful.

1 "Wellness Zone" book, 1 "The Magic of Food as Medicine" book, 12 Herbal Skin Balms, 1 Rich Herbal Skin Nectar, 1 Rosehip and Chamomile face nectar, 1 rose geranium face spritzer  3 Herbal Perfumes. One hot recovery spray, 1 cool recovery spray. This is the complete set of everything we make in the body product range. The ultimate gift for wellness and beauty care from us. Save over $100 with this beautiful package.

Skin Balms include Chilli with Hypericum, Arnica with Comfrey, Peppermint with Chamomile, Calendula with Comfrey & Chickweed, Pawpaw with Olive Leaf, Wild Yam, Ginger, Aloe Vera, Rose Hip, Eucalyptus with Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle with Citronella or Rich Herbal.

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