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Prostate Cancer and Lymphoma Herbal Treatment

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Lymphoma approximately about 10 years ago I decided to have my prostate removed and then start treatment for the lymphoma. I had heard about Dominique Finney so my wife and I made a appointment to see her. That was the best thing we did. I have been taking …

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The Wellness Zone Now Available!

Wellness Zone

*Available Now! The Wellness Zone!*

Local Sunshine Coast Herbalist Dominique Finney’s new book of herbal wellness, “The Wellness Zone” is now available. It’s your guide to optimal health, including herbal medicines and ageless remedies. Only $28.95!

This is one of the best wellness natural health books I have read for long time. The Wellness Zone …

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Flu Prevention

The herbs Dominique makes are of the highest quality I have had. I understand she makes them on her farm and they certainly have distinctive tastes. Recently I thought I was coming down with the flu and tried her cough , cold and flu relief. Within two hours I was feeling better and the flu …

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A Wealth of Wellness Information

I was very sick when I was introduced to Dominique and her herbal products. Within six weeks I was much better with the major symptoms abating and my level of energy increased. I had a persistent night time cough that had not let up for months amongst other more serious health problems. Dominique was very …

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Highly Impressed

I met you at the Eumundi market at Easter, you made up a cream for a sore that had been up my nose for 6 months or more. Within a week it had all but disappeared and within 2 weeks it had gone. I must say I was highly impressed. Thank you .

– Lynette, …

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Sleeping Well Now

I just wanted you to know how well the herbal mixture is going. I bounce (well, almost!) out of bed at 6 a.m. and go for a walk. I am also sleeping well most nights and am not missing my anti-depressants. I’m sure this is not my imagination but I recently had a 4 day …

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Healing Cream

I bought some ccc cream from you at Eumundi Markets for my son’s itchy rash and it has worked extremely well. It has relieved the rash , stopped the itch and the skin is healing very well . Thank you.

– Janelle, Victoria

Sinus Herbal Blend

I love Dom’s Sinus blend. I recommend it to everyone. After taking your blend, Dom, my sinus is clear in just 20 minutes. It’s a magical blend

– Beth, Queensland

Herbal Blend for Cholesterol

My cholesterol level was over nine which is high when I met Dominique and started taking her herbs. I take them every day and now my cholesterol level is down markedly. I highly reccomend her herbs.

– Julie, Queensland

Herbal Blend for Fitness

I have been taking the herbal blend from Dominique for the last year or so. I am a weight lifter and find that I can lift heavier weights and have more energy for my work and weights with the herbs. I was very tired before I started taking them and now feel much better everyday.

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