The Wellness Zone

The Wellness Zone

“The Wellness Zone – Your Guide to Optimal Health”

Your comprehensive guide to good health and wellness using Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies.

The Wellness Zone is your guide to optimal health using simple techniques that could change your health status for the better. Learn how to delay the onset of genetic and environmental illness. Simple strategies can make the difference between abundant energy with vibrant lifestyle and chronic illness. Herbal medicines and ageless remedies are literally everywhere. At home, work and even when you are traveling, you have the tools at hand to make a difference.

The Wellness Zone can be included easily into your life today. It could be your silent insurance policy to help prevent illness tomorrow. Learn simple techniques to help you avoid or minimalise genetic illnesses, Cardio Vascular disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Arthritis, Menopausal symptoms, obesity, cancer and a myriad of other chronic illnesses that may affect you.

The Wellness Zone is your personal health zone

Dominique Liv KamalThis is your starting point for a healthier tomorrow, where you can consciously make the choice to help prevent and even reverse many illnesses that lead to a compromised lifestyle. Put your health first and look forward to the best health tomorrow can bring!

Dominique Liv Kamal, Medical Herbalist and Health Writer, has been helping people avoid the sickness industry and create a Wellness Zone using Herbal Medicines and Natural Therapies. In her first book Dominique reveals these techniques to you in a simply and easily applied way to help you be optimally healthy and get well now. The Wellness Zone is a compilation of over 25 years experience in the alternative health industry.

Wellness Zone